Environmental compliance

Environmental compliance reviews are the foundation of our compliance programs and the way we implement several national strategies. These reviews are conducted at approximately 700 of “higher risk” facilities on a three-year cycle. Our assessments focus on regulatory compliance issues and industry best practices. Implementing best practices and correcting compliance issues are key to our environmental compliance stewardship efforts.

This year we conducted more than 200 compliance reviews. These reviews also provide hands-on training and assistance for data management and recordkeeping.

In 2013, our environmental compliance program migrated to an online electronic management system supported by new standardized tools and processes to maintain compliance. Additionally, the centralized data management system provides easy access to key environmental data indicators, online program guidance and implementation tools. We also added environmental courses to our learning management system.

Program-level reviews and analysis of the risk assessment process and non-compliance findings are critical for continuous improvement. This year we performed a review of our environmental risk assessment process at both Headquarters and field levels to obtain feedback and improve our efforts. These reviews help us balance environmental obligations, operational capability and resource allocation.

Continuous improvement drives our approach to environmental compliance

image of continuous improvement drives our approach to environmental compliance