2010 Sustainability Report
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Our commitment | Greenhouse gas

Transparent public reporting

The Postal Service is unique in that we voluntarily and publically report our annual progress toward reducing our carbon footprint in three ways.

In our role as a responsible 21st century business, we report third-party verified greenhouse gas emissions each calendar year to The Climate Registry, the world’s most recognized greenhouse gas corporate reporting registry.

As the largest member of the international postal community, we also report third-party verified carbon emissions each calendar year to the International Post Corporation, the mailing industry’s global partner.

And in our role as a sustainability leader in the federal government, we voluntarily report our fiscal year GHG emissions to the White House Council on Environmental Quality. The Postal Service is not subject to the federal agency reporting requirement required by Executive Order 13514 because of our unique mission and status as a non-appropriated federal agency.

See our GHG and carbon emissions inventories and related reports at usps.com/green.