2010 Sustainability Report
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The wave of the future — product carbon accounting and offsets

Postal Service business customers are increasingly requesting information about the GHG emissions associated with using USPS for shipping and mailing services, including shipping to their end-use customers.

In summer 2011, USPS will pilot a carbon accounting service that will enable large mailers to determine the GHG emissions generated by their shipments and transactions.

For the past two years, USPS has worked with leaders from logistics mailing, industry, academia, government and non-governmental organizations to develop this proprietary shipping and mailing carbon allocation service.

The methods used in this carbon accounting take into consideration the specific type of shipping or mailing service, size and weight of an item, how it’s processed and transported, as well as the distance it travels.

The service also will provide business customers with accurate GHG data they can use in calculating their own GHG emissions inventories.

There is a trend among these shippers to offer a carbon-offset option to their customers.

To accommodate these business customers, USPS is evaluating options to offer them the opportunity to invest in verified GHG emission reduction and renewable energy projects in the U.S. that would save an equivalent amount of carbon dioxide, help reduce our dependence on foreign oil and support the creation of domestic green jobs.