2010 Sustainability Report
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Our commitment | Product stewardship

Greening supply management systems

The first goal is to make our supply management systems greener.

We worked with 3,200 suppliers to fully implement eSourcing, reverse auctions that allow us to get the best deals for products and services. This automated system greatly reduces the amount of paper we use, and improves the speed and accuracy of our supply management processes.

Also in FY 2010, we completed deployment of eBuy2, our online supplies ordering system. It averages 7,000 invoices a day and $12 million in invoices a week. eBuy2 helps us manage the quantity of goods and services we purchase, and provides us a comparative shopping tool that ensures the lowest price. We intend to reduce the consumables we use, and balance a product’s cost-effectiveness with its environmental attributes.

Another way USPS is saving green is by adding “environmental product indicators” to many eBuy2 catalog items to encourage use of these environmentally preferable purchasing options. These indicators signal that a product is energy or water efficient, toxic free, bio-based, “eco-labeled,” third-party green certified or contains recycled/reused content.

Our goal is to increase the number of environmentally preferable products by 50 percent by FY 2015. This is compared to a FY 2010 baseline of 11,000 products.

We believe increasing the availability of these environment preferable products will increase our sustainability-focused purchasing behavior.

We ask our employees to buy environmentally preferable products when price and quality are comparable to products that don’t meet this standard. The Postal Service spent nearly $239 million in FY 2010 on these environmentally preferable products and services.

In FY 2011, we’ll continue making the eBuy2 catalog leaner and greener by reducing the total number of items available and removing those that don’t align with our sustainability focus.