2010 Sustainability Report
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Our commitment | Product stewardship

Customer looking at greeting cards

Nearly 80 percent of greeting cards sold in Post Offices are made from post-consumer recycled paper.

Our Post Offices sell sustainable products too!

About 80 percent of the greeting cards sold in Post Offices are made from post-consumer recycled paper, and our corrugated cardboard promotional displays are reused each season to reduce environmental impact and disposal costs.

Our popular tote bags are made entirely from recycled material, and our photo stamp packaging is 60 percent recycled material. Customers can “read, respond and recycle” their mail in more than 10,000 lobby recycling containers across the country.

Save green, be green online

USPS online services save customers green and help them be greener by skipping the trip to the Post Office.

Our website, usps.com, receives an average of 1.3 million visitors a day. Online transactions have increased more than 5 percent per year since FY 2007, with more than 54 percent of all postal transactions conducted online this year.

Click-N-Ship enables customers to mail and ship from their computers and skip the trip to the Post Office. With Carrier Pickup, they can have packages picked up at their homes or businesses.

Our customers also can order mailing supplies and postage online, and have their carrier deliver them right to their doorsteps. Now, they can rent a Post Office Box online — more than 600,000 customers did this year, a 44 percent increase from last year.