2010 Sustainability Report
Leaner | greener | faster | smarter

Our commitment | Product stewardship

The Postal Service is committed to providing sustainable products and services to our customers to help them save money and time, and to help them lower their carbon footprint.

We have two goals to extend our product stewardship commitment throughout our operations: purchase more sustainable products and use fewer consumable materials.

To advance this green plan, we will collaborate with our suppliers to improve the sustainability of the products and services they provide us, and we will increase our own efforts to have leaner and greener supply management systems and sustainable purchasing behavior.

Expanding our green purchasing program

The Postal Service purchases a wide range of sustainable materials and products. We use water-based inks to print stamps, buy soy-based inks and use recycled paper from sustainably managed forests to make our expedited shipping products.

For our vehicles, we use refined bio-based oil, alternative fuels and retread tires. We buy green cleaning products for our Post Offices and plants. And we print on both sides of post-consumer recycled paper.

Sustainable purchasing isn’t a new concept for us. We developed a “buy green” policy more than 14 years ago, and publicly released a green purchasing plan in FY 2008 that provides guidelines and tools to help us implement green purchasing at the national and local levels.

USPS continually searches for opportunities to purchase more sustainably, and where possible, reduce the amount we purchase. This year, we established two goals to make our purchasing leaner, greener, faster and smarter.