2010 Sustainability Report
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So how does an organization as big as the Postal Service save so much energy? First, we design and construct our facilities with energy performance and leading international standards in mind. Then, we manage our buildings and equipment using high energy-efficiency policies and guidelines.

We conduct facility audits to evaluate the energy we use and identify opportunities to further reduce energy consumption. Since FY 2007, these audits have helped us identify potential energy reductions of nearly 3 trillion Btu per year, with potential cost savings of more than $150 million per year.

USPS uses two energy management data systems to identify utility consumption and cost reduction opportunities, increase efficiency and improve energy planning. These systems help increase accuracy in measurement and performance reporting.

We continually search for and invest in facility upgrade projects that significantly reduce our energy bills and pay back that investment quickly. In FY 2010, USPS initiated more than 250 energy conservation projects that averaged a 17 percent return on investment in less than five years.


Our Enterprise Energy Management System will establish the Postal Service as a leader in the public sector for leveraging technology to encourage responsible, energy conscious behavior. This system will help the Postal Service measure, monitor and manage energy use, including real-time building equipment and system energy performance. Monitoring our energy usage and trends will improve our ability to manage energy, as well as identify and take advantage of future cost-saving opportunities