2010 Sustainability Report
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Sustainable construction and facility upgrades

Loading dock doors

Replacing seals on dock doors is just one way USPS is reducing energy costs across the country.

In addition to our ongoing commitment to operate high-performance sustainable facilities, we also want our new spaces to be high performance. From new buildings to significant renovations, our facilities exceed the energy-efficiency requirements of the leading building energy standard set by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers.

Our building design standards are updated each year to strengthen energy performance requirements and include environmentally preferable materials and technologies. We require low volatile organic compound paints to improve air quality, recycled-content materials to minimize waste, and low-flow plumbing fixtures and native plants to save water.

Our facility energy upgrades include replacing older high-energy lights with energy-efficient lighting, as well as heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems and compressed air systems. We also upgrade the system controls necessary to help produce the savings.

In 2010, we continued to upgrade lighting in mail processing facilities nationwide by installing energy-efficient fluorescent lighting and controls. And we continue to use even more efficient light-emitting diode lighting.