2010 Sustainability Report
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Our network | Mail processing and delivery

Unplug that machine!

The most cost-effective ways to reduce energy costs are to improve how we use our machinery and by removing unneeded systems from service. We also continually evaluate equipment to make sure run times match workloads.

Due to mail volume declines, we eliminated nearly 900 processing machines this year, including cancellers, large envelope sorters, labeling machines and barcode sorters. We also added 100 new systems to automate processing of large envelopes.

And we’re on track to deploy more than 500 systems to improve mail flow through our facilities.

In addition, we recycled more than 650,000 pounds of obsolete stamp vending machines, keeping them out of landfills, and generating nearly $100,000 in revenue.

USPS engineering and maintenance employees chalked up a savings of $1.8 million a year by extending the life of belts used on one of our large envelope sorting machines by developing a device that keeps proper tension on the belts. That one change increased belt life by a factor of at least three, and in some cases seven. It also reduced jams and missorted mail.