2010 Sustainability Report
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Our network | Mail processing and delivery

Smarter sorting

One way we’re using Lean Six Sigma to improve our sustainability performance is through web-based software that lets us make better use of our sorting programs by consolidating letter mail into fewer trays. That minimizes the number of partially filled trays, and allows us to send more mail on fewer trips, saving fuel, maintenance costs and reducing GHG emissions.

In FY 2010, this software was used for outgoing letters. Future releases will be used for incoming letters, large envelopes and packages.


Parts wear out and need to be replaced. That’s an accepted fact for employees who maintain our mail processing machinery. But finding ways to extend a part’s lifetime also is part of preventive maintenance.

USPS saved $1.8 million by extending the belt life on sorting machines by creating a custom device to keep correct tension on the belts.