2010 Sustainability Report
Leaner | greener | faster | smarter

Our network | Mail processing and delivery

Letter carrier with packages

Letter carrier Michael Rounds, Alexandria, VA.

In 2010, we expanded our focus on energy efficiency and cost reduction by further streamlining the facilities and equipment we use to process mail. And we introduced several information and digital technologies that make mail processing faster and smarter.

We configure it out

As part of streamlining our transportation networks, the Postal Service made significant changes to our bulk mail center network, transforming these buildings into network distribution centers. We refurbished sorters, improved conveyor systems, deployed high-speed tray sorters and removed unneeded machines.

We also are adding automation capabilities to our small parcel and bundle sorters that will extend their service life another 10 years.

New features include a barcode reader, optical character reader and other modifications. With this configuration, these machines can properly stage packages for scanning.

Ten of the automated parcel and bundle sorters were deployed during fall 2010 and the remaining 180 are scheduled to begin deployment in summer 2011.

We’re also increasing use of address recognition software, which reduces the number of facilities needed to process mail that can’t be read by automated sorting equipment. And that reduces our energy use and costs.