2010 Sustainability Report
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Competitors, but also collaborators

Most people think of FedEx and UPS as Postal Service competitors. However, they also are strategic collaborators, and together, we are reducing the time it takes, the costs we all incur and the carbon footprints we create to deliver our products. In the process, we are saving our customers money and adding convenience for them.

The Postal Service already goes to every U.S. address, so FedEx and UPS often use our “last-mile” network to reduce having three delivery vehicles driving around all those neighborhoods. This partnership lowers the total fuel required to make these deliveries and lowers all of three of our greenhouse gas emissions.

And you may not know this, but our collaboration includes the Postal Service using FedEx planes to fly some of our packages across the country and around the world.

Also this year, the Postal Service and UPS completed a successful pilot program that lets UPS customers return merchandise to participating merchants using USPS mailboxes and Post Offices. UPS drivers then pick up these specially labeled packages at Post Offices and transport them back to the retailer.

Collaborative efforts like these could significantly increase business-to-customer and business-to-business product recycling programs –– the sustainability wave of the future.

How about this for a customer convenience: What if the Postal Service collaborated with FedEx and UPS to enable their customers to use local Post Offices as alternate addresses when they can’t be home to sign for packages?

This would save their customers time and fuel by not having to retrieve their packages from FedEx or UPS locations. It also would reduce their carbon footprints, and provide the Postal Service with needed revenue.