2010 Sustainability Report
Leaner | greener | faster | smarter

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Sharing performance goals

We have established two goals to reinforce sustainability as an increasing expectation for doing business with us. Baselines for both goals will be established in FY 2011.

First, we want our suppliers who have contracts for more than $500,000 to provide their sustainability data by FY 2015. This data will guide us as we purchase more sustainable products and materials, and improve our visibility into the performance of our suppliers’ sustainability business practices.

This year, we launched a Postal Supplier Council sustainability task force to develop measurements and policies to help us capture and report this data.

The second goal is to include standard sustainability clauses in all new contracts by FY 2015. Although these clauses will not mandate sustainability practices, they will encourage suppliers to provide innovative supply chain practices that help the Postal Service become leaner, greener, faster, smarter.