2010 Sustainability Report
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Our network | Working with suppliers

A key element of our sustainability effort is to help our customers and suppliers adopt more sustainable practices. The size of our supplier network and our purchasing power allows us to influence our supply chain partners to use more sustainable products and services.

Using sustainable suppliers

USPS uses a Lean Six Sigma approach to continuously improve our supply chain integration. We’re rightsizing our supplier base, as well as focusing on collaborating and doing more business with suppliers who share our commitment to operating eco-responsibly and improving long-term sustainability performance.

Our collaborative efforts include sharing knowledge, data, resources and goals across activities ranging from product design, sourcing, purchasing, reuse and recycling, and public reporting.


In our ongoing effort to minimize waste generation and reduce our carbon footprint, USPS worked with Safety-Kleen, a provider of environmental services, oil re-refining and cleaning solutions, to help us recycle used oil and solvents at our vehicle maintenance facilities.

In FY 2010, these efforts helped us recycle 2.7 million gallons of used oil, 2.6 million gallons of oily water, more than 227,000 oil filters and nearly 20,000 gallons of solvent — an amount equivalent to preventing 22,396 metric tons of greenhouse gas from entering the atmosphere.