2010 Sustainability Report
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Reducing postal vehicle petroleum fuel use

One particular sustainability challenge we face is our ever-expanding delivery network.

While total mail volume is decreasing each year, the number of addresses we deliver to is increasing by 1 million every year. And that has made reducing our petroleum fuel use difficult.

As of FY 2010, we’re not on track to reduce postal-owned vehicle petroleum fuel use 20 percent by FY 2015, and this goal is proving to be more challenging than any other.

We used 145.6 million gasoline gallon equivalent (GGE) of petroleum-based fuels this year. While that represents only a tiny increase from the previous year, the necessity to deliver to a million new addresses each year means we’ve increased our total use by 3.5 percent since the FY 2005 baseline.

We continue to implement fuel reduction initiatives, including route optimization, network consolidation, carrier engagement and Lean Green team projects.

Our proposal to reduce weekly delivery service by one day to better match reduced mail volume has the largest potential for lowering our fuel use. That, however, will require congressional approval.