2010 Sustainability Report
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Our network

Every day, USPS processes and distributes nearly half of the world’s mail. In FY 2010, we delivered nearly 171 billion letters and packages.

While that number is impressive, it represents a 20 percent drop in mail volume over the last three years. To address this precipitous decline and the changing behavior of our customers in the digital age, we must continue to rightsize our network.

We are doing that through more efficient sorting and processing, better route management and increased use of alternative fuels. We also are reducing the number of processing facilities and equipment, and the energy needed to power them.

We are making important strides toward achieving our sustainability goals. We’re improving, but we know we need to do more to increase our speed and accuracy, reduce our dependency on petroleum fuel, pull more waste out of our networks and replace the money we spend on landfill costs with recycling revenue.

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