2010 Sustainability Report
Leaner | greener | faster | smarter

Our people | Customer experience

Improving our customers’ experience doing business with us doesn’t end at our retail counters, our dock doors or even our customers’ front doors. It extends to every community we serve. We also are helping our customers with their own sustainability efforts.

That’s the message we carry in our lobbies and online at usps.com/green — our website devoted to showcasing our efforts to be greener, as well as helping our customers be greener and save some green.

Improving our customers’ experience also means providing convenient services that save them time and money, and help them reduce their carbon footprint. It also means putting more sustainable materials into our stamps, packaging and products.


Skip the Trip calculator

Skipping the trip not only adds convenience and saves time and fuel costs — it benefits the environment.

Our skip the trip calculator tells you the amount of fuel, money and greenhouse gas emissions you save based on how far you drive, the fuel efficiency of your cars and how often you go to the Post Office. Check it out.