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The REDRESS® mediation program maintains a roster of over 1000 neutral mediators throughout the country who are qualified to conduct transformative mediations. Current and former postal employees are not eligible to serve as roster mediators. Initially, mediators who apply to serve on the Postal Service™ roster are screened for minimum skills and competency. Applicants must have at least 24 hours of mediation training and must have served as the lead or co-mediator in at least 10 mediations.

Most mediators have many years of mediation experience. Roster mediators come from varied backgrounds and include many specialists, including counselors, attorneys, and human resources professionals. Subject matter expertise is not taken into consideration because it is unnecessary. In fact, it is easier for a mediator without subject matter expertise to remain neutral and let the parties reach a result they think is fair.

Mediator applicants who meet the minimum criteria set forth in Publication 102 - Mediating Postal Disputes are then specially trained in transformative mediation through a two day, 20-hour course. Upon completion of training, each mediator’s skills are analyzed in a pro bono mediation session. Those mediators who demonstrate competency in the transformative mediation process are then placed on the National REDRESS roster and used in future REDRESS mediations.

Mediator Diversity
The Postal Service is committed to maintaining a diverse roster, inclusive of women and minorities as well as mediators with different backgrounds, education, and experience. The REDRESS roster currently includes 49 percent women and 22 percent minorities. Additionally, attorneys, therapists, academics, teachers, and human resources professionals are all represented on the REDRESS roster.

Mediator Assignment
When a mediation is requested, an EEO professional will assign a roster mediator to the case. 

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