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year in review

Delivering Our Best
On-time delivery of overnight-committed First-Class Mail held at a record 95% for the year — and jumped to an incredible 96% in quarter three! And service in all measured categories reached record levels.* Customers told us they saw improvements in unmeasured service categories, as well.

Satisfying Customers
We delivered for our customers, and they noticed. Independently measured customer satisfaction scores for the fourth quarter reached a new height, with 94% of residential customers rating their experience with the Postal Service as excellent, very good or good.

Staying Productive
We achieved a record fifth straight year of positive total factor productivity (TFP). These gains have provided the equivalent of $6.1 billion in cost savings. TFP includes all factors of production and measures the growth in the ratio of resources we use — the inputs — to the products and services they produce —the outputs.

Cutting Costs
Managing our costs helps make mail a better value for every American family and business. Last year, we eliminated $1.5 billion in costs. Over the last three years, we have reduced costs by $4.3 billion as we approach our Transformation Plan goal of $5 billion in savings through 2006.

Expanding Access
With more than 37,000 retail locations, there's sure to be one near you. Our new, self-service Automated Postal Centers offer our most popular products and services at thousands of Post Office locations — many with extended hours. And our website,, turns your personal computer into your personal Post Office.

We're continuing to transform. And it's making a difference. Service has never been better. Efficiency is up — way up. New products and services add new value to the mail. Our employees are more focused than ever on our customers. That's what our Transformation Plan is all about. And it will continue to be our guide as we evolve to meet changing customer needs.

Providing Solutions
How do you get your message through? That's the challenge. And mail offers one of the best solutions. People welcome it. They read it. They act on it. It's trusted and it's personal. And there have never been more creative mail options. How about Repositionable Notes — yellow stickies — on your mail? Or Customized MarketMail, pushing the envelope to just about any shape you can imagine.

Adding Value
You've got a great website. You've got great products. You've got great prices. But there are a lot of websites out there. How do you make sure yours is getting the traffic it should? That's easy — the mail! New research from comScore shows catalogs and other direct mail can move more customers to your site, and increase the time and money they spend there.

Helping Others
Our Breast Cancer Research stamp — the Postal Service's first semipostal stamp — raised $41 million to help find a cure. The Heroes of 2001 semipostal raised $10 million for the families of emergency workers killed or injured in the 9/11 attacks. And, the Stop Family Violence semipostal has raised $1 million for the victims of this form of abuse.

Celebrating Diversity
The Postal Service — for the fifth straight year — was named by Fortune magazine as one of the nation's "50 Best Companies for Minorities." Among the top 10, the Postal Service, says Fortune, "has one of the better records for ensuring that diversity percolates all the way to the top."

Protecting Employees, Customers and the Mail
State-of-the-art Biohazard Detection Systems were installed in 50 major mail processing facilities, providing a new level of protection through early warning if biohazards are detected. Washington, DC's Curseen-Morris processing facility was returned to service and the Trenton, New Jersey, processing facility is being renovated in preparation for reopening in 2005. Both facilities were successfully decontaminated after the 2001 bioterrorist attacks.

Bringing Our Store to Your Door
Too busy to get to the Post Office? No problem! We'll bring the Post Office to you. already offers the services you need — stamps, postage, Click-N-Ship, shipping labels, track and trace, delivery and signature confirmation, mail hold and forwarding — and so much more. Now, with Carrier Pickup™ Online Notification, you can request next day pickup of your prepaid Express Mail and Priority Mail packages — at no extra cost!

* The External First-Class Mail measurement system (EXFC) measures collection box to mailbox delivery performance. EXFC continually tests a panel of 463 ZIP Code areas selected on the basis of geographic and volume density from which 90% of First-Class Mail volume originates and 80% destinates. EXFC is not a system-wide measurement of all First-Class Mail performance.