Serving America Through the Power of the Mail

We are here for you.

We’re here to help connect families and friends through the mail. We’re here to make buying, selling and shipping things more convenient. We’re here to help businesses get results and acquire long-term customers.

We offer great service at a great value. We make our products and services Quick, Easy, Convenient — at the Post Office or online at Our customers now have more ways to take care of their postal business than ever before.

We understand our customers’ needs and meet their expectations. If we need to extend hours at the Post Office, we do that. If we need to give you the opportunity to buy stamps at the grocery store or ATM, we do that. If we need to shape a Priority Mail box to fit a pair of shoes, we do that too. And we’ll pick up your packages at your doorstep at no additional cost.

By focusing on strategies that keep customers using the mail, we’re delivering more mail than ever before. In 2006, total mail volume grew by 1.4 billion pieces, and revenue increased as well.

Nothing delivers like the power of the mail.

Guided by our Strategic Transformation Plan 2006–2010, we are going to keep our focus on creating more customer value with products and services, improving ease of use and access, customizing and simplifying pricing, and satisfying the ever-changing needs of our customers.

Our shipping solutions offer convenience, reliability and a good price, and we’ll keep introducing new features that meet the needs of our customers. With value-added services and new technology, we’re strengthening our core products. With Priority Mail flat-rate boxes and envelopes, customers get flat-rate pricing with no surcharges and a variety of sizes. Important steps are being taken to make mail more “intelligent.” A new 4-State Customer Barcode will provide information about the mail as it moves through the system, from production through delivery.

The Postal Service is using regulatory processes to customize its pricing and meet the needs of commercial volume mailers. Making pricing easier builds customer loyalty, controls costs and leverages the value of the postal network. A proposed price structure will emphasize shape, providing incentives for customers to configure mailings to reduce costs and better align mail processing and delivery operations.

Our goal is to continue to provide affordable, high-quality mail service to everyone in America — today and well into the future.

That’s because we’re in the business of connecting a nation.

Our goal is to continue to provide affordable, high-quality mail service to everyone in America — today and well into the future.