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Delivering for future generations

We take seriously our responsibility of leaving a “green” footprint across the American landscape.

With 700,000 employees and one of the largest transportation and facilities networks in the world, we touch every community. We are committed to making a positive impact on the environment. We not only can lead by example, we can empower the American people to go green too.

We are managing programs and resources with the long-term in mind. We can meet our present needs and strengthen our business without compromising the future.

We already have the nation’s largest fleet of alternative fuel-capable vehicles, including biodiesel, electric, and hydrogen power. We are promoting conservation measures in facilities nationwide, including long-life light bulbs, motion sensors on light switches and computer-controlled thermostats.

We are working with customers to improve address quality and reduce mail that’s undeliverable. We encourage use of recycled and recyclable materials. Our packaging meets high environmental standards and is recyclable, as are many retail and philatelic products. We recycle about 1 million tons of wastepaper and other materials — including cell phones and computers — each year, and we buy products with recycled content.

By improving efficiency, eliminating waste and redundancy, and making greater use of technology, we can reduce our energy consumption — and improve our bottom line.

How can our customers go green with us? Save the trip. Our online options bring the Post Office to any home or business, and we’re working with other delivery companies to move mail and packages on shared transportation, much like a carpool for commuters, saving on energy costs and consumption. When it comes to the last mile to the front door, we can take care of delivery and pickup, helping to create healthier neighborhoods.

Our footprint leads the way to sustainable growth.

Express Mail and Priority Mail boxes

We redesigned a half a billion Priority Mail and Express Mail boxes that are 100% recyclable that received Cradle to Cradle Certification.

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