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Making a bold vision a new reality

The future of mail begins now.

A new law, the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act, is changing the way we operate and conduct business, ushering in a new era of accountability and competition.

We are seizing this historic opportunity to build a bold vision of a profitable United States Postal Service that delivers for future generations.

We will be competitive. We will respond effectively to market and operational conditions and the needs of customers. Our Intelligent Mail technology will improve service and productivity and provide more information about the mail than ever before. New service standards will assure customers of reliability, predictability, and speed.

We will raise the bar. We will increase accountability for us and the mailing industry. With a fully engaged workforce committed to our success and the support of our industry partners, we are building a Postal Service that will deliver service, quality, and dependability for generations to come.

We will add new value to mail. We will foster growth and innovation in the mailing industry. We will find new ways to make the mail work better for our customers, large and small. We will use knowledge to our customers’ advantage.

As we enter this new chapter in our history, our mission remains the same — providing trusted, affordable, universal service. That promise will guide everything we do as we make our bold vision a new reality.

Delivering today’s mail.

OUR MISSION: Provide trusted, affordable, universal service

OUR VISION: Be profitable to deliver for future generations

John Potter
Postmaster General, CEO

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