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Mail delivers for America

Mail helps power the economic engine of the nation.

Mail is a $1 trillion industry that employs more than 8 million Americans. You probably know at least one person who relies, directly or indirectly, on the mail for his or her livelihood. It could be your friend, family member, neighbor or colleague — or it could be the carrier who delivers your mail every day.

Every letter, catalog, newspaper and package we deliver represents a journey through the American workforce: the mill workers, truck drivers and engineers employed by a paper manufacturer. The sales force, call center operators and fulfillment staff who work for the retailer in a small town in Nebraska. The graphic designers, wordsmiths and account representatives for the big direct mail firm in Chicago. Small business owners — everywhere — who sell online but rely on the mail to reach their customers.

And when the economic engine of our nation sputters? We’re still delivering to every address, six days a week — and even on Sundays if our customers need us to get it there.

Even when gas prices spike, we won’t add a fuel surcharge on that package delivery.

Americans depend on reliable delivery at reasonable prices, and that’s our commitment.

For more than 230 years, the United States Postal Service has provided dependable service at a uniform price. Our products and services create jobs, strengthen relationships and connect businesses.

Mail continues to bind the nation together.

1998-2008 stamp prices graph

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