James (Jim) P. Cochrane

Chief Marketing and Sales Officer and Executive Vice President

January 2016

James P. Cochrane was named chief marketing and sales officer and executive vice president (CMSO) in January 2016. He reports to the Postmaster General and is responsible for all domestic and international products marketing, development and management. He is also responsible for the Postal Service Pricing, Global Business, Sales and Stamp Services organizations.

Prior to being named CMSO, Cochrane served as the chief information officer and executive vice president where he was responsible for the integration of technology and innovation in all aspects of our operations. Additionally, he directed the advancement of new mail intelligence, engineering systems, information technology systems, payment technology, secure digital solutions and corporate information security to meet the changing needs of today's marketplace.

Throughout his 41-year postal career, Cochrane has served in a variety of roles including vice president, Product Information, where he and his team were responsible for innovations in technologies and tracking systems — including the Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb) and Intelligent Mail package barcode (IMpb) — and increasing the business intelligence they provide. He has also served as vice president, Product Visibility and Operational Performance; vice president, Ground Shipping; associate vice president, Marketing and Strategy for the Expedited Package Services strategic business unit; and associate vice president, Sales for the former Northeast Region, where he was responsible for commercial sales of $12 billion annually.

Prior to those roles, he served 25 years in operations, including positions as district manager, Customer Service and Sales for the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Area and senior plant manager of Northern Virginia.

A graduate of American University, Cochrane has a master’s in Public Administration from the School of Public Affairs.