Scott Bombaugh

Acting Vice President, Engineering Systems

September 2018

Scott Bombaugh was named acting vice president, Engineering Systems, in September 2018. He currently serves in Engineering Systems as director, Technology Development and Application, and is responsible for research, development and life cycle support for letter, flat and package sorting equipment and delivery scanning systems.

In his new role, Bombaugh is responsible for the design, development, deployment and life cycle support of mail processing systems and associated software, retail and delivery technology and scanning solutions. He is also responsible for the development of the next generation delivery vehicles.

Bombaugh began his Postal Service career as a Mechanical Engineer in 1988, where he worked on the development of automated package sorting systems and the introduction of bar coding technology for packages. Since 1997, he has managed various groups including Bulk Mail Systems, Package Technology and Material Handling Technology.

Bombaugh holds a bachelor of science and master’s degree in in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Virginia and is a licensed professional engineer in the Commonwealth of Virginia.