Deputy Postmasters General

As early as 1906, it was recommended that a Deputy Postmaster General be appointed, as noted in the Annual Report of the Postmaster-General for that year:

While this Department has a personnel of more than 320,000 and requires annual appropriations approximating $200,000,000, the general supervision of its affairs is intrusted to a Postmaster-General and but four assistants . . . I recommend that provision be made for a Deputy Postmaster-General, who shall be the ranking officer of the Postmaster-General's assistants, whose tenure shall be permanent, whose compensation shall be commensurate with his position, and whose duties shall be in the nature of a general manager of the postal service. If there were appointed to such a position an official of tried executive capacity and long experience in postal matters, he could relieve the head of the Department of innumerable details which now consume a large portion of his time and preclude the proper consideration of important questions of general policy developed in our own and foreign postal administrations.

The position of Deputy Postmaster General, however, was not created until the President's Reorganization Plan No. 3 of 1949, transmitted June 20, 1949, and effective August 20, 1949.

There shall be in the Post Office Department a Deputy Postmaster General who shall be appointed by the President by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, shall perform such duties as the Postmaster General may designate, and shall receive compensation at the rate of $10,330 per annum or such other compensation as may be provided by law for the Under Secretaries of Executive departments after the date of transmittal of this reorganization plan to Congress.

When the Post Office Department became the United States Postal Service, a Board of Governors was created. Since that time, the Deputy Postmaster General has no longer been appointed by the President; instead the nine Governors plus the Postmaster General select a Deputy Postmaster General, who also serves on the Board.

The position title changed to Deputy Postmaster General and Chief Operating Officer when the Postal Service was reorganized in 1992; it reverted to Deputy Postmaster General in January 2011.

The following individuals have served as Deputy Postmaster General since the position was created in 1949.

Deputy Postmaster General

Date Took Office

(Except as Noted)

Vincent C. Burke

October 21, 1949

Charles R. Hook, Jr.

January 29, 1953

Maurice H. Stans

October 1, 1955

Edson O. Sessions

September 19, 1957 (sworn in)

John M. McKibbin

November 2, 1959 (sworn in)

H. W. Brawley

January 25, 1961 (appointed)

Sidney W. Bishop

July 3, 1963 (nominated)

Frederick C. Belen

March 4, 1964 (sworn in)

E. Theodore Klassen

February 10, 1969 (sworn in)

Merrill A. Hayden

September 27, 1971

Benjamin F. Bailar

December 3, 1974

William F. Bolger

September 4, 1975

James V. P. Conway     

April 4, 1978

C. Neil Benson

July 1, 1980

James H. Finch, Jr.

June 1, 1983

Jackie A. Strange

February 16, 1985

Michael S. Coughlin

January 5, 1987

John M. Nolan

February 5, 2000

Patrick R. Donahoe

April 30, 2005

Ronald A. Stroman

April 4, 2011

Photograph of Ronald A. Stroman, the nation's 20th Deputy Postmaster General, who took office on April 4, 2011.
Ronald A. Stroman, the nation’s 20th Deputy Postmaster General, took office on April 4, 2011.

APRIL 2011