Policy Priorities

The Postal Service Reform Act

While the U.S. Postal Service is critically important to the American people and one of the most trusted brands in the government, we have been trapped in an unsustainable operating model, plagued by legislative, regulatory, and management inaction. Since 2007, we have recorded significant net losses each year, and are projected to lose upwards of $160 billion over the next ten years.

We applaud Congress for passing the Postal Service Reform Act, which was signed into law by President Biden on April 6, 2022. We are grateful to Congress and the Administration for doing their part by enacting this important legislation. These long-overdue reforms are an important step forward, but the new law must be combined with our self-help initiatives to restore long-term financial sustainability to the Postal Service.

Self-help initiatives

We have a long way to go to close this financial gap, but we are making substantial progress toward that goal. As outlined in our Delivering for America 10-Year Strategic Plan, we have already implemented a reorganization to provide greater line-of-sight accountability, streamlined decision making for administrative functions, greater focus on our core business operations. We established new service standards to enable our network transformation. We rationalized our pricing strategy and we reduced employee turnover by stabilizing our workforce through career status conversions. As we continue to drive our operational transformation and launch important initiatives like USPS Connect, we will enhance the role of the Postal Service in the lives of the public and in the life of the nation.

All these activities, and many more, are part of a large portfolio of initiatives that gives us the confidence and the ability to begin the investment of approximately $40 billion across our enterprise. This includes acquiring a new delivery vehicle fleet and investments in automation, facilities, retail, and new tools and technology.

We are on a positive path forward

  • The financial condition of the Postal Service is improving
  • Service performance is returning to our traditional high standard of service excellence
  • We are transforming into a modern, efficient, and self-sustaining organization capable of fulfilling our mandate to deliver to every American household six-days a week

The Delivering for America Plan is working, and we look forward to encouragement from Congress to continue implementing the Plan and making our substantial progress toward a modernized and self-sustaining Postal Service.

Now that legislative reform has been signed into law and we continue to make important strides with the implementation of our self-help initiatives, the time has come for the Administration to correct the longstanding, unfair allocation of Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) benefits for legacy Post Office Department employees.

The Administration should require the OPM to use a simple and fair method to allocate government contributions to CSRS annuities for employees who transitioned to the Postal Service with prior creditable service at the pre-1971 Post Office Department. This change has also been requested by the leaders of our congressional oversight committees and our employee unions.