Douglas Tulino

Vice President, Labor Relations

Vice President, Labor Relations Douglas Tulino

Douglas Tulino was named vice president, Labor Relations, in June 2005. He is responsible for directing the design, implementation and evaluation of national policies, procedures, programs, and standards governing labor management relations. This includes contract negotiation/collective bargaining, grievance and arbitration administration and consultation with management associations, compensation and benefits for EAS employees, and maintaining organizational compliance with EEO statutory and regulatory mandates. He reports to the chief human resources officer and executive vice president.

Tulino has served as the Postal Service’s chief negotiator since 2005. In that role, he is responsible for developing corporate bargaining strategy for contract negotiations, contract implementation, and the dispute resolution process, including interest arbitration. During this timeframe, he has developed the collective bargaining strategy that has culminated in restructuring the organization’s labor cost.

From July 1999, Tulino served as manager, Labor Relations Policies and Programs. In that role, he reported to the vice president, Labor Relations, and was responsible for developing and managing all national level labor management policies and programs, contract administration, and national negotiations.

Tulino started his Postal Service career as a management associate in 1980 in Chicago and progressively rose through the ranks of the labor relations function.

Tulino possesses a strong background in labor relations and human resources with more than 38 years of Postal Service experience. For 19 of those years, he obtained experience in positions in human resources, operations and labor relations at every level of the field organizational structure.

Tulino holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and industrial relations from Kent State University in Ohio. He was recognized with vice president awards in 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004, the Board of Governors award in 2007, and the Postmaster General awards in 2014 and 2016.

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