William Koetz

Vice President, Network and Compute Technology

Vice President, Network and Compute Technology William Koetz

William (Bill) Koetz was named vice president, Network Compute Technology in January 2021. He reports to the chief information officer and vice president.

Koetz is responsible for the digital networks across the Postal Service landscape and compute infrastructures for applications. He manages local area, wireless and wide area network connections of more than 32,000 facilities, as well as the data center, internet, cloud and business partner networks.

Koetz oversees the Postal Service’s cloud services and data center infrastructure that provides more than 24,000 servers, 110 petabytes of storage, and multiple cloud provider services to enable the applications.

Koetz began his Postal Service career in 2004, most recently serving as a computer operations manager, overseeing the organization’s data centers, computer servers, cloud, software services and the personnel that maintain the Postal Service’s internal and external applications. He has over 30 years of technology experience with servers, networks, security, architecture, and application development. Since 2015, Koetz has ensured the capacity and availability of critical applications such as Product Tracking and Reporting, Informed Delivery and Visibility, as well as 750 other applications.

Koetz’s previous positions include manager, Eagan Solution Center; program manager; and business project leader, supporting the development of Finance and Human Resource applications.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in business from St. Mary’s University in Minnesota. He is a graduate of the Advanced Leadership and Executive Foundations Programs.

Latest update: January 2023