Going green, saving green

The Postal Service is saving green by going green.

We’ve decreased energy use at our facilities by 34 percent since 2003. We did this through a combination of energy audits, improvements to facility infrastructure and by mobilizing employee-led Lean Green Teams throughout the Postal Service. The same approach has resulted in a 38 percent reduction in water consumption since 2007.

Since 2008, we’ve also cut our greenhouse gas emissions by 9.9 percent, or 1.3 million metric tons. This is roughly equivalent to removing 270,000 passenger vehicles from the road each year. We’ve diverted 48 percent of solid waste to recycling. This generated $23.8 million in revenue and savings of $25 million through reduced waste hauling.

The Postal Service works with the communities we serve to reduce our impact upon the environment. Through a collaborative effort funded by Onondaga County, NY, a “green roof” was installed at the Colvin-Elmwood Post Office in Syracuse, NY. The roof will reduce the amount of contaminants in storm water runoff flowing into the city’s municipal water system.

The Postal Service also seeks to assist our customers in achieving their own environmental initiatives. We launched the USPS Blue Earth™ Product Carbon Accounting Service to provide our large commercial customers with carbon emission reports based on their mailings.

The Postal Service’s sustainability program supports our goal to provide reliable, affordable mail delivery for our customers with minimal impact on the environment.