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Tips for preventing slips, trips, and falls
• Watch where you’re going.
• Your path could be slick, so watch the ground.
• Avoid snow, ice, and wet spots if you can. Mud and wet leaves can be slick spots as well.
• Don’t be distracted - by fingering mail or doing too many things at once.
• Step smart, not quickly.
• Take shorter steps and keep your whole foot on the ground with each step.
• Be careful on uneven surfaces - like getting into or out of your vehicle. Use a handrail if one is available.
• Wear Footwear that works for the weather.
• Make sure you have a good tread on your soles. Wear “SR/USA”-approved footwear.
• If it’s not safe, don’t go there.
• Tell your supervisor when unsafe conditions, like ice or snow, prevent you from safely reaching a mail box.
• If you start to fall, worry only about falling.
• Drop what you’re holding. Don’t tense up.
• Spread the impact - you’re more likely to bread something if only a single part of your body takes all the force of the fall.