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J. Sales

    1. Sales
The sales organization is responsible for the development, implementation and evaluation of all commercial sales and account management plans, programs, and policies nationwide, including customer service and satisfaction activities. Their work generates the bulk of the Postal Service’s annual commercial revenue. Through the National Accounts program, Sales provides direct support to 232 of the Postal Service’s largest commercial mailing customers. Over 14,000 other large mailers classified as Premier Accounts are served by Account Managers housed across the nation.

        a. Business Service Network
For the past several years the Sales organization has also provided customer assistance through the Business Service Network, a nationwide network of service contacts that provides National and Premier customers (established accounts) a local point-of-contact for resolving local concerns. Headquarters oversight and management of the BSN Network is shifting in 2002 to the newly formed Service and Market Development group under Marketing, for better focusing of customer service activities. The network, however, will continue to be strategically housed at major postal operational points around the country.

        b. Event Marketing
Sales leads are generated through several avenues, but the Event Marketing program has been our most effective lead generation resource. This program provides a Postal presence at conventions and industry events, educating potential new customers, and pairing those customers interested in learning more, with postal sales representatives in their home locations that can help. During 2001 the Event Marketing Program targeted 30 events for participation representing the Catalog and Direct Marketing, Financial Services, Internet/e-Commerce, Retail, Travel and Hospitality, Entertainment, Sports, Automotive, Multi-Level Marketing, and Health/Food industries. From these events, 1,170 leads were generated worth $684 million in potential revenue.

        c. Pro Cycling Sponsorship
The Postal Service also continued the winning sponsorship of its top-ranked cycling team, led by Lance Armstrong, the three-time winner of the Tour de France. This sponsorship has four primary objectives:

  • Generate revenue by making sales to companies and individuals affiliated with cycling;
  • Enhance the Postal Service brand through activities that positively impact customer perception of the Postal Service;
  • Reap the public relations value of sponsorship through a variety of activities focused on customers and employees; and
  • Leverage retail sales on-site at domestic cycling events, on the team’s Internet site and at Postmark America.

    Sales has leveraged the business relationships developed through the cycling sponsorship, closing more than $18 million in new sales in the past three years. Beyond the revenue generated, the Postal Service benefits from the tremendous public relations value of Lance Armstrong’s victories in the 1999, 2000, and 2001 Tours de France.

            d. Sales Force Training
    Sales force training received focused attention during 2001 to help ensure the Postal Service’s success in an increasingly competitive business environment. A multimedia approach was developed to deliver cost effective training to sales personnel nationwide. This blended learning approach incorporated classroom training, manager coaching, video conferencing, website training and information, and training via the Postal Service Training Network – a satellite TV network that provides interactive capability. Of particular interest was a course called “Selling to Very Important Top Officers.” This training, a model of blended training solutions, showed 800 students how to reach the real decision-makers when contacting potential new customers, and coached them on how to ensure that mutual interests were satisfied.

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