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L. Pricing and Classification

Key among the accomplishments of Pricing and Classification last year were the development of the rate and classification proposals in Omnibus Rate Cases Docket No. R2000-1 and Docket No. R2001-1, along with the implementation of the resulting rates. This includes important roles in the Governorsí rate modification in Docket No. R2000-1 and the settlement efforts in Docket No. R2001-1. Pricing and Classification also is responsible for developing the experimental and classification proposals during the period, including the Periodicals Ride-Along and Priority Mail presort experimental cases.

    1. Omnibus Rate Case R2000-1
Departmental efforts were important during the close of Docket No. R2000-1. First, with the help of Pricing and Classification, the Governors were able to point out several technical errors in the Postal Rate Commissionís initial Recommended Decision. This ultimately led to more proper calculations in several areas in subsequent Recommended Decisions, including those involving Standard nonprofit mail and Bound Printed Matter. In addition, the department was heavily involved in the effort to develop modification rates that comported with the record evidence in Docket No. R2000-1 and met the revenue needs of the Postal Service.

A comprehensive plan was developed and utilized to support the implementation of the new rates and fees. The plan focused on communications, cross-functional teamwork, and training to ensure customer and postal readiness of the new rates, fees, and classification changes. The plan included the involvement of postal and customer implementation readiness teams (IRTs) and an implementation advisory board (IAB) comprised of 15 postal members ranging from postmasters in rural communities to a district manager. The IRTs and IAB helped to identify internal and external impacts and provided solutions that would ensure all parties were prepared for the January 7, 2001, and the July 1, 2001, Docket No. R2000-1 Omnibus Rate Case and the modification effective dates. Implementation and communication were accomplished through the extensive use of internally developed postal and customer implementation packages, kits, posters, Postal Service Television Network (PSTN) broadcasts, conferences, postal publications, and Web technology. In addition, the department provided training for and coordinated efforts of the Technical Speakers Bureau. These speakers made presentations at more than 200 internal and external events, including Postal Customer Council meetings and the National Postal Forums.

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