Chapter 3:  Financial Highlights
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The Postal Service has sought to avoid redundancy in our 2002 Annual Report and this 2002 Comprehensive Statement on Postal Operations. In this chapter, we present Financial Highlights in a condensed format. We focus discussion and analysis on: Postal Service financial results for 2002; aspects of our financial management on which Congress has requested that we report; business programs on which we are required to report, such as the Breast Cancer Research semipostal stamp program; and topics of particular interest to Congress, such as appropriations. We provide more detailed analysis of the financial results of our operations for 2002 in the Postal Service 2002 Annual Report.

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Chapter 3 Table of Contents

A.  Financial Summary

B.  Productivity

C.  Federal Government Appropriations

D.  Emergency Preparedness Funding

E.  Breast Cancer Research and
     Heroes of 2001 Semipostal Stamps