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The following are among the trademarks owned by the United States Postal Service: APC®, Automated Postal Center®, Carrier Pickup™, CASS™, Certified Mail™, Click-N-Ship®, CMM®, CONFIRM®, Customized MarketMail®, Delivery Confirmation™, DMM®, EPM™, Express Mail®, FASTforward®, First-Class Mail®, Intelligent Mail®, LACS™, MASS™, MERLIN™, Mover's Guide®, NCOALink™, Netpost®, Netpost Mailing Online™, OneCode Vision™, Parcel Post®, Parcel Select®, PC Postage®, PLANET®, PLANET Code®, Post Office™, Post Office Box®, PostalOne!®, Postal Service™, Priority Mail®, Quick, Easy, Convenient™, RDI™, ReadyPost®, REDRESS®, Registered Mail™, Signature Confirmation™, Simple Formulas®, Stamps by Mail®, Standard Mail®, The Postal Store®, United States Postal Service®, U.S. Mail™, U.S. Postal Service®, USPS®, USPS Electronic Postmark®,®, ZIP+4®, and ZIP Code™. This is not a comprehensive list of all Postal Service trademarks.


All references to a specific year or "the year" refer to the government fiscal year ending September 30. However, specific month and year references pertain to the calendar date.