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     As the governing body of the Postal Service, the 11-member Board of Governors has responsibilities comparable to a board of directors of a publicly held corporation. The Board is composed of nine Governors appointed by the President of the United States with the advice and consent of the Senate. The other two members of the Board are the Postmaster General and the Deputy Postmaster General. The Governors appoint the Postmaster General, who serves at their pleasure without a specific term of office. The Governors, together with the Postmaster General, appoint the Deputy Postmaster General.

     The Board meets on a regular basis and, at the annual meeting in January, the chairman is elected by the Governors from among all members of the Board. The vice chairman is elected by the full Board.

     The Board directs the exercise of the power of the Postal Service. It establishes policies, basic objectives, and long-range goals for the Postal Service in accordance with Title 39 of the U.S. Code. Except for those powers specifically vested in the Governors, the Board may delegate the authority vested in it by statute to the Postmaster General under such terms, conditions, and limitations, including the power of redelegation, as it deems desirable. The Governors are authorized to establish reasonable and equitable classes of mail and reasonable and equitable rates of postage and fees for postal service. A specific power reserved by statute for the Governors alone is to approve, allow under protest, reject or, by unanimous written decision, modify recommended decisions of the Postal Rate Commission on postal rate and mail classification charges.

board of governors
S.David Fineman

S. David Fineman, Chairman Appointed May 1995, term expires December 2003. Elected Chairman, January 2003. Served as Vice Chairman, January 2001 through December 2002. Member, Strategic Planning Committee. Managing partner, Fineman Krekstein & Harris, P.C; Former member, Industry Policy Advisory Committee to the U.S. Secretary of Commerce and U.S. Trade Representative.

Alan C. Kessler

Alan C. Kessler Appointed November 2000, term expires December 2008. Chairman, Strategic Planning Committee. Attorney and entrepreneur; Partner, Wolf, Block, Schorr and Solis-Cohen, LLP; Member, Board of Directors, Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation; Chairman, Pennsylvania Supreme Court Continuing Legal Education Board.

John F. Walsh

John F. Walsh, Vice Chairman Appointed November 1999, term expires December 2006. Elected Vice Chairman January 2003. Chairman, Capital Projects Committee. Former President, Ninth Square Association and Deputy Controller and Purchasing Agent, City of New Haven, Connecticut; Member, Board of Directors, Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce.

Ned R. McWherter

Ned R. McWherter Appointed October 1995, term expires December 2003. Member, Audit and Finance Committee. Former Governor of the State of Tennessee and Speaker, Tennessee House of Representatives; Officer and director of numerous companies in the transportation, financial, distribution, energy and health care industries.

Albert V. Casey

Albert V. Casey Appointed August 2002 through a recess appointment expiring in late 2003. With Senate confirmation, term expires December 2009. Chairman, Audit and Finance Committee. Distinguished Executive in Residence, Southern Methodist University; former Postmaster General; former President and CEO, Resolution Trust Corporation; and former Chairman, AMR Corp. and American Airlines.

James C. Miller III

James C. Miller III Appointed April 2003 through a recess appointment expiring in late 2004. With Senate confirmation, term expires December 2010. Member, Capital Projects Committee. Chairman, The CapAnalysis Group; Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution at Stanford University; Former Director, U.S. Office of Management and Budget; Former Chairman, U.S. Federal Trade Commission.

LeGree S. Daniels

LeGree S. Daniels Appointed August 1990 and reappointed November 1999, term expires December 2007. Member, Capital Projects Committee. Former Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Education; former member, U.S. Civil Rights Commission; former member, Board of Directors, Center for International Private Enterprise; member, Board of Directors, Heinz Center.

Robert F. Rider

Robert F. Rider Appointed May 1995, term expires December 2004. Served as Chairman, January 2001 through December 2002. Served as Vice Chairman, January 1999 through December 2000. Member, Audit and Finance Committee. Chairman and CEO, O.A. Newton & Son Co.; Trustee, University of Delaware and Wilmington Medical Center; Director of numerous companies and institutions.

John E. Potter Appointed 72nd Postmaster General and Chief Executive Officer of the United States Postal Service in June 2001. Potter has served as Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President; Senior Vice President, Operations; Senior Vice President, Labor Relations; and Manager, Capital Metro Operations.

John Nolan Appointed 17th Deputy Postmaster General in February 2000. Nolan has served as General Manager and Postmaster for New York City; Director of Operations for Merrill Lynch Production Technologies; Executive Board member, National Postal Policy Council and the Mailers Council; Co-chairman of the Mailing Industry Task Force.