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The Executive Committee of the United States Postal Service consists of the Postmaster General, the Deputy Postmaster General, the Chief Operating Officer, the Chief Financial Officer, the Senior Vice Presidents of Human Resources, Marketing and Government Relations, and the General Counsel. The Executive Committee is a decision-making body and its members serve as senior advisors to the Postmaster General. It meets frequently, and as necessary, to consider topics of importance to the Postal Service.
the executive committee
John E. Potter John M. Nolan Patrick R. Donahoe Richard J. Strasser, Jr.
John E. Potter
Postmaster General
and CEO
John M. Nolan
Deputy Postmaster
Patrick R. Donahoe
Chief Operating Officer and
Executive Vice President
Richard J. Strasser, Jr.
Chief financial Officer and
Executive Vice President
Suzanne Medvidovich Anita J. Bizzotto Ralph J. Moden Mary Anne Gibbons
Suzanne Medvidovich
Senior Vice President,
Human Resources
Anita J. Bizzotto
Chief Marketing Officer and
Senior Vice President
Ralph J. Moden
Senior Vice President,
Government Relations
Mary Anne Gibbons
Vice President and
General Counsel

officers of the U.S. Postal Service
Nicholas F. Barranca Vice President, Product Development

Sylvester Black Vice President, Area Operations (Western)

Charles E. Bravo Senior Vice President, Intelligent Mail and Address Quality

William J. Brown Vice President, Area Operations (Southeast)

James A. Cohen Judicial Officer

Thomas G. Day Vice President, Engineering

JoAnn Feindt Vice President, Area Operations (Great Lakes)

William P. Galligan Vice President, Delivery and Retail (Acting)

DeWitt Harris Vice President, Employee Resource Management

Lee Heath Chief Postal Inspector

Al Iniguez Vice President, Area Operations (Pacific)

Azeezaly S. Jaffer Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications

Stephen M. Kearney Vice President, Pricing and Classification

Linda A. Kingsley Vice President, Strategic Planning

George L. Lopez Vice President, Area Operations (Southwest)

Alexander Lazaroff Vice President, Area Operations (Eastern)
Robert L. Otto Vice President, Chief Technology Officer

Henry A. Pankey Vice President, Emergency Preparedness

Donna M. Peak Vice President, Finance, Controller

Robert J. Pedersen Vice President, Treasurer

John A. Rapp Senior Vice President, Operations

Francia G. Smith Vice President and Consumer Advocate

David L. Solomon Vice President, Area Operations (New York Metro)

Jon M. Steele Vice President, Area Operations (Northeast)

A. Keith Strange Vice President, Supply Management

Rudolph K. Umscheid Vice President, Facilities

Anthony J. Vegliante Vice President, Labor Relations

Paul Vogel Vice President, Network Operations Management

James P. Wade Vice President, International Business

John R. Wargo Vice President, Service and Market Development

Murry Weatherall Vice President, Diversity Development

Jerry W. Whalen Vice President, Sales