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postal service ambassadors

Appearing in television, radio and print advertising, our own letter carriers and customer service employees are telling the world about our quick, easy and convenient products and services.

letter carriers Photo of Stephen Scully
Stephen Scully
Erie, PA
Photo of Alicia Tutt
Alicia Tutt
Falls Church, VA
Photo of Adele Yoshikawa
Adele Yoshikawa
Pearl City, HI
Photo of Gina Mendoza-Telck
Gina Mendoza-Telck
Fort Worth, TX
Photo of John Dock
John Dock
Mahwah, NJ
Photo of Diana Taylor
Diana Taylor
Tupelo, MS
Photo of Michael Carderelli
Michael Cardarelli
Providence, RI
Photo of Jim Willson
Jim Willson
Royal Oak, MI
Photo of Earl Keeton
Earl Keeton
Portland, OR

Photo of Deborah Kopplin
Deborah Kopplin
Tulare, SD
Photo of Robert Mcguire
Robert Mcguire
Lakewood, CA
Photo of Fulin Ritt
Fulin Ritt
Officer in Charge
Beachwood, NJ
Photo of Doreen Reichard
Doreen Reichard
Customer Service Manager
Greenwich, CT
Photo of Elizabeth Owens
Elizabeth Owens
Customer Service Manager
Rogers Part Station
Chicago, IL
Photo of Normal Gilchrest
Normal Gilchrest
Forest City, AR
Photo of Raymond Bernicchi
Raymond Bernicchi
Arcadia, FL
Photo of Margie Washington
Margie Washington
Officer in Charge
Wayne, PA
Photo of Jeanne Phillips
Jeanne Phillips
Fishing Creek, MD