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Delivering for you
That's our job. It's what we do. And we do it just for you.

If it's important to you, it's important to us. And nothing says "it's important" as well as the mail.

It's personal. It's trusted. It's whatever you need it to be — when you need it and how you need it. If you're reaching out to millions at once or just one in a million, nothing does it like the mail.

The mail does it all, with you in mind. Every American — no matter who, no matter where — can count on the same great service. That's what you expect. That's what we deliver.

If you're simply keeping in touch with friends and loved ones, we're working for you. Door-to-door service — with a smile.

If you're a small business intent on becoming a bigger business, we're working for you. Team up our website,, with your letter carrier and your office becomes your Post Office. That saves time and keeps you focused on growing your business.

If you're a big business, you've got some big needs. And we're working for you. We offer the creative solutions and the support you need to manage customer relationships and build new business.

No matter what your needs, it's never been easier to make the Postal Service work for you. We've developed great new products and services with you in mind. We've made it more convenient than ever to take advantage of what we offer.

We brought a renewed commitment to our relationship with thousands of community based businesses. We're showing how mail can make a difference for them — easily and affordably.

We brought new focus and new energy to our partnership with the mailing industry. It's a vital part of the economy. So we have to make sure mail continues to offer the best choice.

Mail. It's part of the fabric of America. It's as fresh as tomorrow. And it's delivering for you.