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Quick. Easy. Convenient.
That's your Postal Service

Are you keeping up with us? We're not the same Postal Service that we were last year — or last month. And we won't be the same next year. That's because we're changing to meet your changing needs. We're keeping up with you to help you get more from your busy day.

Of course, you can still walk into any one of our 37,000 Post Offices. We'll be happy to see you. You can expect the same great service as ever — and the same friendly employees.

Thousands of your favorite Post Offices are getting even better, with our new Automated Postal Centers (APCs). Just about everything that's available at the counter is available through the APC. And because it's self service, you can skip the line and pay by credit or debit card. And many of our 2,500 APC locations offer extended hours.

We've made shipping simpler, too, with our flat-rate and prepaid Priority Mail envelopes. They're great for documents. And our new flat-rate Priority Mail Boxes bring that same convenience to larger items. With two popular shapes, you can send your packages — no matter what they weigh — anywhere in the United States, for a single rate. And Priority Mail offers two- to three-day delivery at a great price.

It doesn't get much easier than that — unless you visit Our popular website brings our store right to your door. Stamps? Shipping supplies? No problem. They're right there on's Postal Store.

Need an online shipping solution? Try Click-N-Ship. You can print out shipping labels — with and without postage. If it's valuable, you can add insurance. And Delivery Confirmation and Signature Confirmation give you the delivery information you need.

No time to get to the Post Office? We can help. Just log on to and you can request next-day pickup of your prepaid Express Mail and Priority Mail package by your letter carrier — at no extra charge. With almost 300,000 carriers in just about every community, we've got you covered. Talk about quick, easy and convenient!

And if you're out, you don't have to make an extra stop just for stamps. Thousands of supermarkets, card stores, convenience stores and ATMs offer postage stamps at regular Post Office prices.

We're working hard to make your busy day a little easier.