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Value of the mail

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Mail is the great American equalizer.

No matter where you live, we’ll deliver for you, six days a week. If it takes a pack mule or seaplane, we’ll just do it. You can send a First-Class Mail letter from Maine to Alaska, from Detroit to Dallas, or from Brooklyn to the Bronx — all for the same price. We’ll stop at the mailbox at the end of your driveway or drop off mail in the lobby of your high-rise apartment building. We’ll also pick up your letters and packages at the same time we deliver.

Everyone can use the mail. There’s no age limit, no special equipment needed, and feel free to use the level of technology to match your comfort level. If you want to mail and ship online, the Post Office is always open at usps.com. Or if you prefer to talk to a knowledgeable retail associate, stop by a Post Office. We make it quick, easy and convenient, as you like it.

We’ve been connecting people and businesses since the nation’s founding. You might not think about the mechanics behind getting a piece of mail delivered to your home or office. But when you receive a package, important document, or birthday card through the mail, consider the online merchant who sold you the product inside that package, the government agency that sent you that important document, and the child who wishes you well as you celebrate another yearly milestone.

Mail is the economic engine that enables the Postal Service to deliver regular, dependable service to everyone.

We’re all in the mail together.

Man fueling a fuel efficient car

We’re committed to environmental stewardship.

It doesn’t get much “greener” than walking a delivery route. Nationwide, that’s about 20 percent of all letter carrier routes. We also have carriers who ride bicycles or use flexible-fuel vehicles. And postal delivery and pickup reduces emissions and fuel use. Instead of customers driving multiple cars to the Post Office, one carrier stops at multiple homes. We also deliver packages for other shipping firms, minimizing delivery trips to neighborhoods.

Being green is not a new approach for us. We’re a recognized innovator and leader in recycling, energy management, and exploring alternative-fuel technology. We are committed to actions that promote sustainability — meeting the needs of the present without compromising the future.

We’re helping consumers and businesses make environmentally friendly decisions about their mail. At usps.com/green, you can learn about green products and services as well as get recycling ideas and other information to improve environmental awareness. We’re working with other companies, agencies and organizations in mail-back programs that recycle and dispose of small electronics, compact fluorescent lamps, and discarded or expired pharmaceuticals. And our packaging and envelopes are certified for ecologically smart product components.

We’re working with customers, industry groups, suppliers, and environmental organizations to improve the environmental performance of mail, and we encourage marketers to make sure mail is properly addressed and targeted so consumers receive the mail they want.

Greening the mail is smart business.

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