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Trust is the foundation of our service to the nation.

Americans depend on the security of the mail and they know we’ll protect their privacy. This has been a fundamental principle of the Postal Service for more than 230 years. As the landscape of communications changes, we’re leading the way in efforts to protect personal information, including ensuring online security. Our actions to protect consumers against mail fraud and theft have made us one of the most trusted organizations in the country.

We also keep our customers’ trust through our performance. We get the mail where you want it, when you want it there, whether you’re a consumer with a single letter or a large business with millions of mailpieces. You trust us to deliver for you, with high levels of service and dependability. We are continually working to build that trust. Through new technologies, such as Intelligent Mail services, more information about the mail is available than ever before, providing feedback that benefits everyone.

Our strength lies in the women and men who proudly represent the Postal Service. Our trusted carriers are welcomed in every community and show their care and concern by watching out for elderly customers and others on their routes, sometimes risking their own safety to help other citizens. At our Post Offices, we connect with the people in the communities we serve, building trusted relationships that endure.

Through times of prosperity and times of conflict, the Postal Service serves as the messenger that binds the nation together.

Our foundation of trust is rock solid.

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Our customers are at the center of everything we do.

With their needs in mind, we’re making sure mail remains relevant, safe, and private — and continues to provide value for generations to come.

We always take the long view. As the nation has changed, so has the Postal Service. We’re experts at adapting to the changing lifestyles of Americans and an evolving marketplace. From the Pony Express to mechanization to digital communications, we have always embraced new technologies, especially when they enable us to improve service and efficiency, and make the mail work better for our customers.

We’ll keep innovating.

We’re giving consumers and businesses convenient access and choices to manage their mail. We’re working with mailers, marketers, and advertisers to improve the quality and relevancy of mail. We’re adapting our products and pricing to market requirements. We’re creating solutions that meet the needs — domestic and international — of a wide range of customers, including households and businesses, both small and large.

Our customers are diverse, and so are the ways they use the mail and how they do business with us. Ship online. Buy stamps at a grocery store or ATM. Save time and do it yourself at a kiosk.

After all, it’s your Postal Service. Mail it your way.

Our mission is to provide trusted, affordable, universal service.

That’s our commitment.

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