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F. Postal Facilities, Equipment and Employee Working Conditions
(39 U.S.C. 101(g))

    1. Safety and Health
The Postal Service continued to enhance the safety and health program, through inspections, program evaluations, targeted accident reduction efforts, and partnerships with federal regulators.

The Postal Service implemented a new safety inspection process to ensure inspection of every facility on a timely basis. To support this effort, national mailings of inspection checklists were accomplished and facility safety coordinators were introduced to a new training program and a series of “Infopaks” detailing technical and administrative information. Both safety professionals and line management were supported by the upgraded Safety Toolkit, a computer program to assist with inspection reporting and abatement. The Postal Service also continued to upgrade the Safety Toolkit Resource Page, a comprehensive source of references, guidance, and other information on employee safety and health.

Internal safety and health program evaluations were accomplished, to provide a “leading indicator” of safety performance. Improvements in program scores were noted across the board. Program guides were upgraded, and a new small facility guide was issued. The program guide continues to be based on OSHA guidance and best industry practices.

The Postal Service also continues to partner with OSHA on employee safety and health. Two facilities (Buffalo, NY, and Pittsburgh, PA) achieved “Star” status under the OSHA Voluntary Protection Program. This is the highest rating under the prestigious OSHA program. The Postal Service also continued to pursue strategic partnerships with OSHA on several issues, as well as timely investigation of employee complaints and response to citations.

Management was tasked with developing action plans to focus on critical causes of accidents: slips, trips, and falls; materials handling; motor vehicle accidents; and employee history of repeat accidents. This is an ongoing, sustainable effort to target these causes and reduce injuries and illnesses. To support this effort, an Accident Reduction Center was created on the Toolkit Resource Page, which contains action plans, best practices, and accident data and analysis.

Employee communication was a principal safety and health goal this year. The Postal Service began sending out a series of special communications programs using videos, posters, and safety talks, as well as other internal communications vehicles. The purpose was to remind all employees why working safely is important to them, to those they love, and to the Postal Service.

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