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Chapter V 2001 Performance Report

In this chapter, the Postal Service presents its review of its actual performance compared to the 2001 Annual Performance Plan.

A. Introduction
The Postal Service developed the 2001 Annual Performance Plan through its structured management process1 and in consultation with Congress. The plan sets objectives for achievement for the year, as defined by specific goals, subgoals, indicators and targets. Those 2001 goals and subgoals were approved by the Postal Service Board of Governors and were submitted to Congress in the United States Postal Service 2001 Annual Performance Plan. Some of the goals were changed subsequent to the Plan's release based upon management's assessment of actual 2000 performance. These modifications were detailed in the 2000 Comprehensive Statement on Postal Operations, Chapter 5 - 2000 Performance Report.

These performance measures go to the heart of the Postal Serviceís mission. They help evaluate the Postal Serviceís role as a government service providing universal postal service to the country. And they aim at the fulfillment of another element of our charter: that the Postal Service shall be self-sustaining, funding its operations through revenue generated by its products and services.

This report meets the requirements of the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA), which mandates that the report:

  • Review the success of achieving the performance goals of the fiscal year.

  • Evaluate the performance plan for the current fiscal year (2002) relative to the performance achieved towards the performance goals in the fiscal year covered by the report (2001).

  • Explain and describe, where a performance goal has not been met (including when a program activityís performance is determined not to have met the criteria of a successful program activity): why the goal was not met; those plans and schedules for achieving the established performance goal; and if the performance goal is impractical or infeasible, why that is the case and what action is recommended.

  • Include the summary findings of those program evaluations completed during the year covered by the report.

This report includes a section highlighting the Postal Serviceís performance in 2001, a table itemizing our performance against each subgoal, a section detailing the performance for each goal, and, a table listing changes made to the 2002 Planís goals and subgoals as a result of 2001 performance. A report on Evaluations of Programs, indicators and subgoals has been included in Chapter 4.

Table 5.1, which follows here, shows all goals, subgoals, indicators and targets for 2001 and reports our performance to each target. Detailed discussion of Postal Service performance to specific Indicators and Subgoals of the 2001 Plan follows this table.

1 Our internal management system has four phases: Establish; Deploy; Implement; and Review. This organization-wide system was developed through the application of Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award principles. It sets up an annual management cycle based on constant refining and revising of goals based on result-focused data. The first phase, Establish, assesses current strategic goals, strategies, indicators and subgoal and sets plans for the current year. The Deploy phase communicates these provisional subgoals throughout the organization and agreement is reached through the budget process on a set of funded programs aimed at achieving the subgoal. Implementation is the carrying out of these programs during the year. Review is senior managementís responsibility. Throughout the year they review the progress of these programs.

2 Details of the index used to measure this indicator appear in the detailed results portion of this chapter.

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