Chapter 2: Postal Operations
H. Licensing Program
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The Postal Service employs Equity Management Incorporated (EMI) as the exclusive worldwide licensing agency for the Postal Service. Over the past two years, the Postal Service has been working more pointedly to leverage its intellectual property (e.g., trademarks, business processes, icons, stamp images, technology) as marketable items that can generate licensing revenue for the organization.

In August 2002, the Postal Service republished its enhanced corporate licensing policy through the Postal Bulletin for the internal audience and the Federal Register for the external audience.

The licensing policy, along with Frequently Asked Questions about licensing, can be accessed through the Postal Service Intranet at and on the external website at

During 2001, 17 new long-term licensing contracts were executed for merchandise sold in retail venues. Because most licensing ventures can take up to 18 months to ramp up and generate royalty revenue, the year 2002 has brought to fruition some worthwhile brand extension initiatives through high quality products. These included a contract with FirstUSA Bank for an employee affinity-credit card.

Landsí End also became a licensee, marking the beginning of a corporate dress program that adheres to the integral objectives of licensing: to protect the brand while extending its use in the marketplace. As a result of the ongoing working alliance with Landsí set a new standard for corporate apparel use that eliminates the misuse of the corporate signature on everything from t-shirts to Polo-style shirts to jackets and beyond.

Additionally, the Postal Service signed an interagency licensing agreement with the U.S Mint to produce collectible products using the 50 state quarters and the Greetings From America stamps. Coming together to develop a quality product already heralded as a logical mix of numismatics, philately, and complimentary licensed images, the Postal Service and the U.S. Mint team will launch the product during the 2002 winter holiday season.

Of note are the stamp ingots produced by Postal Service licensee, Hallmark Collections, Ltd. The new United We Stand collection features 25 stamps that embody the unified spirit of this nation in a beautifully ornate, gold-plated format, encased in a velvet-lined cherry wood case designed to protect the ingots for generations. Product launch for the ingot collection is set for the 2002 winter holiday season.

The Postal Service will continue to seek out unique licensing opportunities that best represent the brand in key retail arenas, while showcasing the collection of historical marks and images. The value of Postal Service intellectual property can only increase as licensing becomes second nature among the vast canvas of Postal Service employees, who truly represent the first line of defense against brand infringement.

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Chapter 2 Table of Contents

A.  Public Perceptions, Customer
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