chapter 4
2003 performance report and preliminary 2005 annual performance plan
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3. Enhance Performance- Based Culture

     A third strategic goal is to enhance the Postal Service's performance-based culture. The annual objective is to improve safety and the workplace environment. Measurement systems have been developed, and specific improvement targets have been established.

a. Objective, Measures, 2003 Target and Actual, 2004 Target, 2005 Preliminary Target

b. Comments

     Both indicators performed better than target level.

c. Explanation of Changes to Goals, Objectives, Measures, Indicators, and Targets

     Goals, objectives, measures, and indicators remain the same. 2004 targets were made more challenging in recognition of current performance levels.

Chapter 1 Compliance with Statutory Policies Introduction

Chapter 2 Postal Operations

Chapter 3 Financial Highlights

Chapter 4 2003 Performance Report and Preliminary 2005 Annual Performance Plan
  1. Government Performance and Results Act Requirements
  2. Strategies
Objective, Measures, 2003 Target and Actual, 2004 Target, 2005 Preliminary Target

* The Illness and Injury rate is calculated using a formula provided by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). "Total number of illnesses and injuries divided by the number of hours worked by all employees multiplied by 200,000 hours. The 200,000 hours represents the number of hours 100 employees working 40 hour per week would work, and provides the standard base for calculating incidence rates."
** The Voice of the Employee (VOE) survey is conducted and analyzed by an independent firm under contract to the Postal Service. The survey is administered to one fourth of all career postal employees every quarter, so that every employee is surveyed once a year. An index score is developed from key survey questions.