If you are a company interested in applying to become a licensee for the Postal Service Commercial Licensing program, please fill out the Commercial Licensing Application PDF and mail the completed forms to:

Once the completed application is received it will be reviewed to determine whether your company meets our business needs and requirements. You will be notified via email that your application has been received. Within 60 days from receipt of the application you will be contacted and provided with the status of your application.

Please note: The USPS in its sole discretion may elect not to license its trademarks and images for any particular use or application.

Licensed Manufacturers

Mural by Art Business Strategies Art Business Strategies
The American Postal Collection™
From 1934 to 1943, Franklin D. Roosevelt authorized a national post office art program, as part of the New Deal. The program produced more than 1100 murals and 225 sculptures that depicted core American values, and conveyed belief in the history of the country and hope in its future. Now, the Postal Service has licensed Art Business Strategies to create and sell fine art prints of these treasures as The American Postal Collection.

Art Business Strategies has partnered with the Southwestern Association for Indian Arts (SWAIA) to introduce the murals that were created by Native American artists. These 18 prints are offered as a museum quality archival limited edition boxed-set, known as The Native American Artist Portfolio, and feature murals painted by two Native American artists — Stephen Mopope and Acee Blue Eagle. Both artists were cultural traditionalists who devoted their lives to recording the customs of their people. The inclusion of their works in The American Postal Collection has reaffirmed this dedication to their heritage. To purchase products visit