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Business, financial and legal information about USPS.

Administrative Decisions (Judicial) ›
Information about Administrative (Judicial) decisions.

Area Mail Processing ›
See how we improve efficiency by consolidating operations.

Information about delayed DACA requests.

Financials ›
USPS Annual Reports and Financial/Operating Statements.

Household Diary ›
Multi-year research study provides a comprehensive and continuous description of the mail originating and destinating in American households.

Legal Issues ›
Reports and information from the USPS legal department.

Mailer Education Programs ›
The U.S. Postal Service offers training programs for industry professionals

New Deliveries and Growth Management ›
The Delivery Growth Management program provides support to developers and builders on delivery issues with establishment or extension of delivery service.

No FEAR Act Information & Data ›
USPS is committed to having a workplace environment that is free from discrimination.

Section 508 at USPS ›
The Postal Service has a history of eliminating barriers, improving access and making things easier for our customers and employees. Section 508 is just a regular part of the way we do business.