Area Mail Processing

Ending open Area Mail Processing (AMP) studies

The Postal Service is ending all open area mail processing (AMP) studies to consolidate mail processing facilities.

This process ramped up in 2011 with hundreds of facilities being studied for consolidation. Currently, 57 AMP studies are still open, and these open studies will be ended.

The Postal Service is moving forward with the Delivering for America Plan,, which includes strategies for the development of a mail processing network that enables more precise, efficient, and reliable service. By using best-in-class logistics practices, the Postal Service is driving efficiency and service performance improvement to fuel revenue growth and customer retention. Most importantly, the plan establishes a new operating model that dramatically improves on-time delivery performance. As part of this plan, the Postal Service will re-assess the role of all processing facilities. The Postal Service will adhere to all legal, statutory, contractual and regulatory requirements as this network design is developed. As we continue to build the plans for our modernized facilities, we will follow the AMP process as applicable.

Ending AMP ActivityState
Abilene CSMPC TX
Amarillo P&DF TX
Augusta P&DF GA
Bakersfield P&DC CA
Beaumont P&DF TX
Bemidji CSMPC MN
Brockton P&DC MA
Buffalo P&DC NY
Campton CSMPC KY
Central Mass P&DC MA
Chattanooga P&DC TN
Colorado Springs P&DC CO
Columbia MO P&DC MO
Corpus Christi P&DC TX
Dakota Central P&DF SD
Dallas P&DC TX
Dayton P&DC OH
Duluth P&DF MN
Eau Claire P&DF WI
Eugene P&DF OR
Fayetteville NC P&DC NC
Gary P&DC IN
Gulfport P&DF MS
Iron Mountain P&DF MI
Kinston P&DF NC
Lakeland P&DC FL
Lansing P&DC MI
Lexington P&DC KY
Lynchburg P&DF VA
Manasota P&DC FL
Mankato P&DF MN
McAlester CSMPC TX
Mid-Florida P&DC FL
Midland P&DF TX
Muncie P&DF IN
New Orleans P&DC LA
Norfolk VA P&DC VA
North Bay P&DC CA
Northern NJ Metro P&DC NJ
Olympia P&DF WA
Pocatello CSMPC ID
Redding CSMPC CA
Roanoke P&DC VA
Rocky Mount P&DF NC
Saint Cloud P&DF MN
Saint Petersburg P&DC FL
South Bend P&DC IN
Springfield MO P&DF MO
Tacoma P&DC WA
Toledo P&DF OH
Tucson P&DC AZ
Tulsa P&DC OK
Wenatchee CSMPC WA
Youngstown P&DF OH

What is Area Mail Processing?

Area mail processing (AMP) is the consolidation of all originating and/or destinating distribution operations from one or more Post Offices™/facilities into other automated processing facilities for the purpose of improving operational efficiency and/or service.

Originating operations include canceling and sorting locally generated mail and destinating operations include sorting and preparing mail received from more distant areas for local delivery. The intent is to make more efficient use of Postal Service assets such as equipment, facilities, staffing, and transportation.

AMP Guidelines

The Postal Service has developed a formal process for the review and implementation of Area Mail Processing proposals. This process is defined in Handbook PO-408, Area Mail Processing (AMP) Guidelines PDF | HTML.

Benefits of Consolidation

The benefits of AMP are as follows:

  • AMP centralizes mail processing operations to better use resources, including space, staffing, processing equipment, and transportation.
  • AMP takes advantage of state-of-the art technologies available at the gaining facility so originating and/or destinating mail can be processed more efficiently.
  • AMP supports network rationalization and reduces redundancies.
  • AMP should have minimal impact to customer services. Business mail entry, retail, and delivery services are expected to remain unchanged in most cases. Indicia requirements for postal meters and permit imprints for local mailers remain the same. Local postmarks will continue to be available at Post Offices. ZIP Codes will not change as a result of AMP.

Study removal

The AMP process is complete once the final Post Implementation Review (PIR) has been evaluated by Headquarters and feedback is provided to the area. AMP studies will be removed from this site one year after the final PIR is complete.