At the Postal Service, diversity and inclusion are a part of the fabric of the organization. This translates into innovative, diverse, and inclusive programs which encourage employee engagement and professional development, and positively impacts organization’s retention programs.


We define diversity as the richness of cultures, perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds. It’s our individual differences which extend beyond gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, and age.


We promote and convey inclusion through our policies and practices, learning and development modules, and our organizational culture. We empower all employees and we offer tools and resources to support goal attainment.

Diversity and inclusion are the responsibility of everyone at the U.S. Postal Service. They are the guiding principles in the way we build strategy and create cross-functional teams, as well as how we do business with our customers and business partners. Our ability to remain competitive with emerging technologies has positioned us to be a leading organization that employees, their families, and other stakeholders trust.

Key diversity and inclusion initiatives include:

  • Speed Networking – This structured and fast-paced networking event offers mentors and protégés an opportunity to explore developmental topics that support a protégé’s individual professional goals. The format is similar to speed dating and concludes with tips and guidance to support a protégé’s career path.

  • Lunch & Learn Series – Hosted on a monthly basis, employees are invited to spend an hour discovering a new or innovative topic that offers business transparency and encourages professional development. This series is offered in-person and virtually to all employees.

  • Book Club – This informal community was developed around the love of books. Members formally connect each quarter, sharing their perspectives and the relevancy of the book read to the business.

  • Cultural Resource Kits – To promote cultural awareness and enhance diversity and inclusion, resource kits are available to employees for their individual learning and cultural awareness. These kits include notable historical facts and trends, contributions of the Postal Service™, and other relevant information.

By cultivating a diverse workforce, the Postal Service will attract, retain, and promote talented individuals that will allow the organization to compete in a rapidly changing marketplace.

We Are Postal Proud …of the great job our employees do to get the mail delivered each day.